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About Personal Ink 


Personal Ink (, a program of Fuck Cancer, is dedicated to empowering women to reclaim their bodies after mastectomies. Through education and connection with experienced tattoo artists who can help, we are committed to ensuring that breast cancer never has to leave the last mark.

"With hundreds of recipients, hundreds of talented mastectomy-tattoo artists and thousands of volunteers in dozens of cities; Many lives are transformed thanks to what we've built together.”

- Noel Franus , Founder - Personal Ink


Every October tattoo studios across North America close their doors for a day to create free curated healing experiences for recipients who have had mastectomies and are seeking closure through coverage of their scars with beautiful artwork. All tattoos are donated by talented and trained tattoo artists who are experienced in tattooing over scar tissue successfully. See our Days section of our FAQ page for more details.


The Personal Ink Fund uses donations to pay artists to provide mastectomy tattoos the other 11 months of the year for those that can’t participate in the events. 

"Today is the day you take back control and reclaim your body and your relationship with the mirror."- Karen Richards,
Director - Personal Ink

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