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Karen Richards
Mar 30, 2022
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Hi all! Hopefully this reaches everyone that it needs to. Please give this post a like, or comment back to let me know you've seen it! 1.) If it wasn't available when we talked earlier in the year, note we have a new calendar on our Resources page with all of out planning timelines and milestones and also confirmed Day dates/locations. Please refer to the calendar prior to discussing dates with your shop so we can try to minimize having too many events on the same date. Speaking of that... 2.) It's time to get locations confirmed! We need all dates by the end of April so now is the time. Also remember that when you reach out it's a good idea to also set up a date to bring the applications to your shop for matching and communicate that timeline upfront too. As a reminder signup will open June 12 and close on July 2 latest. Note some locations may close sooner depending on numbers of apps vs. artists. You should plan to get your applications to your shops no later than mid-July, and we need matching done by August 1, so please communicate those future timelines when you contact your shops. 3.) We are currently testing out our new Day location-specific fundraising platform. Stay tuned for updates as we work through questions with our vendor! 4.) We have set up a shop for gift items (at wholesale cost) for you to purchase gifts from (from your fundraising efforts) for your artists and recipients. It's not live yet, but wanted to give you a sneak preview and see what you think. We're trying not to duplicate items that you're going to get as swag - like tote bags, water bottles, t-shirts - so thought it would be better to offer items different than those, in some different price points. Once the Day store is live I'll post the link on our Resources page. Here's the preview link I think that's all for now - you can send me a message here or post a comment if you have questions!
Karen Richards

Karen Richards

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